Friday, November 6, 2015

A New Year

Well carving Season is here once more and so is the rain. Here are a few picks from some of my recent works. Speaking of work I have not been there a lot lately as I had to take some holidays and it is giving me plenty of time to see what it might be like to be retired.
Aspen Wood

Aspen Wood

Aspen Wood
Our Club The Central Fraser Valley Wood Carvers has started another Season of carving and socializing. We have just had our Annual General Meeting and have a new Executive with some different faces running the club this year. There will be a fresh look at how the club will be doing things and what the program will look like. The minutes will be out soon and I will publish them and you will be able to see who and what will be happening. Some hints a new and improved show is planned and members will be able to make a bentwood box if they so desire. Those are just a couple of things rumoured to be happening. We'll let the people running the show get organized and put together a schedule and than we'll publish it here. Till next time Carve Safe.

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  1. Aspen is a lovely material to carve. Nice work, Rick.