Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vacation Carving

Visited the Western Whittlers of Tucson Arizona while on holiday and enjoyed a few hours of carving and camaraderie. It was a wonderful visit and I got more carving done in those few hours than on the rest of my holidays. Our Saturday meeting is soon upon us and if you have not started your four by four inch carving you only have a few days to go. Here are a few pictures from Arizona courtesy of the Western Whittlers to inspire you. These are five by five inch square replicas of the American State quarters. Not all of the states are there yet but a fine start for sure.
For those of you who like to carve spoons the Whittlers are also setting a fine example to follow. Note the exquisitely carved ivory spoon on the lower right corner of the case.

Friday, October 14, 2011

December Presidents Challenge: Hands

For December carve a hand or hands any size any style doing something. 

Relief Carving

This month the presidents Challenge is to carve a 4" x 4" relief carving. This can be anything that fits in a 4 inch cube. The subject and wood is your choice and you have until the Saturday meeting in November. Some have already started so go go go.

Around the Lake

Around the Lake Give'r Take 30 is a 30 km run around Cultus Lake, British Columbia. This is a very tough endurance run with lots of hill climbing and descending . Each year I carve a walking stick for the top male and female finishers. I used to run but my knees won't allow it any more so I cycle. 7850 km this year and counting. I get a real charge out of carving something for a runner and going to the race brings back lots of memories. I hope it is a great race again this year and that it is very competitive. The grapes are almost ripe!