Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Latest Club News

Hi Rick,
Could you please forward this email to the club members.  It is the results of the Curling Rock competition at the Men’s Brier in Kamloops.  Also attached is pictures of the displays at the Curling Rink.  Hopefully some of the carvings will be at our show!   The Brier is on TSN and I’m sure they will show the displays.

Congratulations to Ken Smorang!!!  He won People’s Choice!

Ken put in two “rocks”.  The Canadian Loonie is a beautiful creation.  The Boston Cream one (looked good enough to eat!) isn’t in the pictures; it’s being glued again.  Reminder that carvings are not really toys!

My rocks didn’t win, but they are part of the display.  The green one with a face and a red handle (“Happy”) and the Curling Puck with Handle are my entries.  It was a fun challenge and I’m glad Kathy extended the deadline, so that I could participate!
Kamloops always supports our show, so it was nice that they got entries from our Club too.