Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OutWestWoodCarving: The Dayton Artistry In Wood Show

If you follow Lynn than here are the results for his work at the show this year. I had the privilege to attend the banquet and I watched as Lynn went to receive his award. I do believe he had a lump in his throat and a watery eye. Or was that the epoxy shining?
OutWestWoodCarving: The Dayton Artistry In Wood Show

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Artistry in Wood, Dayton Ohio

Ron Ryan Award to Lynn Doughty 
Artistry in Wood 2011 under 2 inches
Best Carving Show I have ever been to. I feel like a kid in a candy store. So much to see and so little time! The Dayton Carving Club members have made me feel totally at home. There are so many talented carvers at the show who I have only ever just read about and seen via the internet. And yes it is still true I have not met a carver I did not like. Lynn Doughty won some nice blue ribbons for his carvings and than they presented him with the Ron Ryan Award at the banquet. He was visibly moved. I just think it was time for him to join those elite people who have given so much of themselves for this wonderful hobby. It could never be a job in my eyes even if I made money at it. Joaney wait till I show you what I got at this show!  To check out more about the Dayton Show and Club with Pictures of last years winners go to http://www.daytoncarvers.com/daytoncarvers.html .

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Katsina Dolls

Hopi Katsina, Heard Museum, Phoenix Az
It is real inspirational to go somewhere and see someone else's culture and carving. These photos don't even begin to show the skill and talent that went into these carvings. I read three books on the subject of Katsina dolls while in Arizona and I feel like I had a five minute exposure to the subject. I don't have a desire to make my own Katsina carving but between these carvings and all the other sculptures in many different mediums we saw while on vacation it has inspired me in my own work. Enjoy. Don't forget to carve a hand or a pair of hands doing or to doing something for the Christmas party challenge.

Hopi Katsinam, Heard Museum, Phoenix Az