Thursday, December 6, 2012

President's Challenge for January and February

I have not put out a challenge for a few months. So I got to thinking about what would interest me.... Of course Caricature came to mind but along with that goes humorous.. I don't want it to be to small or to big so I was thinking mmmmmm................ Ok I won't think to much and than someone hollered at me "Hey Jackass move it or lose it!" Aha! I want you all to carve a Mule or a part of a mule. Here are some facts for you:

Scientific Name:Equus MuleType:MammalDiet:HerbivoreSize:1.2-1.5m (47-59in)Weight:350-450kg (771-992lbs)Top Speed:24km/h (15mph)Life Span:15-20 yearsLifestyle:HerdConservation Status:Least Concern
Colour:Grey, Brown, BlackSkin Type:FurFavourite Food:GrassHabitat:Arid forests and desertsAverage Litter Size:0Main Prey:Grass, Weeds, VegetablesPredators:Fox, Wolf, LionSpecial Features:Stocky body and long snout and ears

will give you a few pictures and maybe some ideas. I was in Dayton a few weeks ago and saw an awesome pin that was a mule head. I would have got it but the lady objected and so did her husband so you'll have to come up with your own design and ideas as to what your carving will look like. It could be a pin or bust or full body. Let the chips fly!