Monday, March 5, 2012

Club Minutes March

Meeting Minutes
March 2, 2012
Rick opened the meeting at 10:03 am
  • Mike Rachon motioned that the minutes from the last meeting be adopted. Bill Poch 2nd, motioned carried
  • Joany gave the librarians report. There is $xx.xx in the library account.
If anyone has any ideas for a book purchase contact Joany.
  • Rick reported that KMS Tools will now be carrying Fox Chapel Books
  • Wednesday night carving group at the school may be disrupted due to the teachers strike. If so we will do our best to let you know before Wednesday.
  • Interest about setting up booths at our upcoming show are beginning to come in.
  • Rolf has sent out 90 invitations to the show via email.
  • Registration forms for the show have gone out
  • Next meeting of the show committee will be end of March/early April
  • We will be getting a new server for the web page as Rolph has been having problems with the current one. The new one will cost $120.00 per year but will accommodate everything we want to do. Motion to go ahead with this by Larry, 2nd by Darrel, all in favour, motion carried.
  • Rick brought forth the idea of having another carving night open to out members. This would be in Chilliwack so that those that do not want to drive to Abby can still enjoy the benefits of carving as a club. Rick is going to check into this further regarding space, cost, and interest. Wednesday night in Abbotsford still remains open to out members. We will simply be broadening our horizons and increasing accessibility. Rick will be in touch with Chilliwack arts council.
  • The club is looking at getting a new club crest design. Time for a little updating. We will have a competition for all club members to design a new logo. The chosen crest to win a prize yet to be determined. Have your designs in by the April general meeting. Make your crest design no more than 6” x 6”.
  • New Business, there is a $2000 gaming grant from the arts council that the club can apply for. The executive will be pursuing the proper forms and channels.
  • Last moths president’s challenge was to complete a carving that fits in an Altoids tin. Some remarkable entries were on display.
  • Next months president’s challenge. Carve some “hair”. Human or animal.
  • Larry also showed how to fit a whole carving kit into an Altoids tin. Amazing, in that little can was a handle, gouges, knives, pocket knife, and bandaids.  Great job, thanks.
  • 50-50 draw came to a grand total of $23.00. The lucky winner of $11.50 was Brian Pinkerton.
  • Everyone who brought a carving to show and tell received a draw ticket for one of 3 prizes.
Winners were;
Jean – hand carved name tag by Rick
Darrel – a very nice rough out
Stu – a coveted pencil by  He is taking it with him to Hawaii as he is very proud of it.
  • The club is planning on running an ad in the local paper advertising beginners carving classes on Wed nights. 
  • Meeting closed at 12 noon.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get Out of My Hair!

Sometimes you get so busy that you don't have time to do all the things you have taken on. As a result the quality of your output suffers a little or a lot depending how many balls you have up in the air. Than you want to tell a few people to Get Out of Your Hair if you still have it! As usual I waited till the last minute to tell you that next month for the April Presidents challenge I would like you to carve some hair on the end or side of a piece of scrap wood. It can be any kind of hair human or animal. The rest of the face is optional. This will challenge you to perfect Getting out your Hair.  Had enough yet? Just Google carving hair and you'll find lots of links.